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Have a Wacky Time with Weird Al Yankovic

A combination of great music and humorous parody helps to make Weird Al one of the most popular and recognizable music stars today. He’s been a fixture since the 1980s, even though his first song actually aired in 1976, and he’s still going strong. His songs poke fun at pop culture better than many of his contemporaries, and the songs that “reimagine” other hit songs are often genuinely funny. More than that, they are actually good. Weird Al doesn’t just “go for the funny” without bringing serious musicianship to the song. He can sing, play instruments, and write original music. He’s a supremely talented individual who does not always get his due. He is brilliant with the accordion, and you can be sure to hear some polka music if you get to see him live.

Weird Al has sold more than twelve million albums, starred in his own movie called UHF, and he has been a guest star on countless television shows. He’s even appeared on The Simpsons, which is when you know you’ve really made it! Even though his trademark mustache and Hawaiian shirt from the early days are gone, he’s still an instantly recognizable figure in many circles. He always puts on high quality, energetic shows too. Seeing him in concert is a real treat.

When it comes down to it, people love the music and that’s what they want. Some of Weird Al’s most popular songs include “Fat”, which was a parody of Michael Jackson’s “Bad”, “Like a Surgeon” that parodied Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”, and “Another One Rides the Bus”, which is a parody of Queen’s hit “Another One Bites the Dust”. That’s just the beginning of his extensive catalog though. Some of the other songs you can hear when you see Weird Al live could include popular songs such as “Gump”, “White and Nerdy”, “Amish Paradise” and “The Saga Begins”, which is about the Star Wars universe.

Al is touring once again, and you do not want to miss your chance to see this comedic legend hit the stage. You will have a great time at the show! Buy your tickets today.

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