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What Happened to the New York Mets?

What is happening with the New York Mets as of late?  The Mets actually had a great season to start with.  However, as of May 29, 2012, we are witnessing a downward slope when it comes to the Mets’ performance.  They are next to last place in the Majors in terms of home runs.  They are about 25th in the entire MLB.  They are just barely surviving, and yet they are at a crucial time in the season.

We are just about to enter the summer season and this is when teams are attempting to qualify for contending status.  One of the problems we have been noticing is that manager Terry Collins has been over-using reliever Manny Acosta who has an ERA of 11.86.  Most recently, Manny actually gave up three runs in one third of an inning.   While the team does still have quality pitchers in Tim Brydak and Bobby Parnell, it’s still not enough to ensure Playoffs caliber work.

Another factor against the Mets: much of their team is still suffering from injuries, which explains why many media outlets are stating they have “bullpen problems.”  Well, the bullpen players are really going to have to shape up if they have any hope this season.  Besides bad plays by Manny and Parnell in their game against Philadelphia, they also showed poor performances by Jonathon Niese and David Wright.

Terry Collins came to the defense of phenom player David Wright, stating that it “Just goes to show David Wright is human and that he can get into a funk like anyone else.”  The big question is, was this game just a fluke–an off night of a few regulars, or was it indicative of a team-wide slump that’s going to last for a while?

A win from the team would certainly be a moment in history.  The last time they claimed the World Series was in 1986, and before that, in 1969.  Only as recently as 2006 have they come close to glory, earning an east division title in 2006.  What do you think?  Are the Mets going to sit this season out or are they recovering slowly but surely?

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