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Spurs take Series 2-0 Against the Thunder

As expected, the San Antonio Spurs won their game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday night; but they didn’t make it look as easy as they have in games past. Coming out strong to gain a 22-point lead, it looked like a classic case of the better team dominating. But as the Thunder continued to take that lead away from them, it left fans in San Antonio wondering what had happened to their team.

It was the Thunder’s biggest names that kept the team alive with Kevin Durant putting up 31 points, James Harden scoring 30 of his own, and Russell Westbrook getting his own 27 points. It was Durant who scored six points during the third quarter, narrowing the Spurs’ lead to only 80-66. The rest of the quarter saw the most exciting moments of the game, with the Spurs having no more than a 14-point lead the entire time. Westbrook stepped up his own game in the last quarter with just over five minutes left; after making two foul shots, the Spurs only led by six.

But it was with only seconds left, the Spurs came out and proved why they were the best in the West this year. With just over one minute of play, Manu Ginobili scored a three-pointer to give the Spurs a 115-105 lead; those three points contributed to the 20 Ginboli had overall. The Spurs ended the game with a victory of 120-111.

The win also gave the Spurs a 2-0 lead in their series against the Thunder, with the winner going on to see either the Boston Celtics or the Miami Heat. That series is also at 2-0 for Miami, after they took the 115-111 win over Boston last night.

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