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Will Dwight Howard be going to the Nets?

There is a possible deal for Dwight Howard finally in the works, after the prima donna spent most of last year trying to decide where he wants to play. And, just like most of Howard’s mindset throughout the last season, the proposed deal is currently a state of confusion. It involves over ten players and three teams; and in order for it to happen, a whole lot of “ifs” need to come to fruition.

The deal would involve Dwight Howard, Jason Richardson and Earl Clark all going over to the Brooklyn Nets; while Brook Lopez, Damion James, and Sheldon Williams will go to Orlando. Quentin Richardson, also currently a member of the Magic, would go to Cleveland, in exchange for Luke Walton and three first round picks. Sundiata Gaines, Kris Humphries, a first round pick, and $3 million from the Nets would also go to Cleveland.

But there are a couple of places where this deal could still get tripped up, if it were to be followed through any longer. The first is that Kris Humphries, who currently plays for the Nets, isn’t interest in only a one-year contract, as he’s currently looking for a contract that locks him up for four years.

The Magic, who are at the center of it all and are the ones currently looking to trade Howard, want Andrew Bynum to also come over from the Los Angeles Lakers. However, unlike Humphries, Bynum most likely won’t want to sign a long-term contract with the Magic, as he becomes an unrestricted free agent next year. Orlando on the other hand, doesn’t want to trade for him on a one-year basis, only to have him leave during free agency next year. In addition, the Lakes don’t have much left to trade with Orlando, as they’ve already traded away first round draft picks in order to get Steve Nash; and league rules prohibit them from doing so over consecutive years.

The Orlando haven’t been too eager in getting rid of Howard, even though they reportedly don’t want him on their team, either. But they do know that Howard is an elite player, or at least making his way up to those stats; and because of such they want to make sure that any deal for him works out in their favor.

Dwight Howard on the other hand, better have a banner year no matter where he ends up. His drama has tied up the NBA for the better part of the year, and has had GMs and coaches discussing possible trades that have always ended up to be a bunch of nothing. Howard himself has said that wherever he goes, he will take them to a title; and there’s no doubt that whatever jersey’s on his back, people are going to be just waiting for him to fail.

But, should Howard join the Nets over the summer, next year’s lineup would look something like this: Howard, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, and Deron Williams. That’s a pretty hard combination to beat, and one that could just make Howard’s predictions of a banner hanging in Brooklyn come true.

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