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NCAA Football Wrap-Up, Week 3

There was lots of football excitement to go around on college campuses this week! Here are what we consider to be the best five.

West Virginia 37, Maryland 31
Although West Virginia was the better team for most of the game, Maryland came back with a vengeance with a late interception. While Maryland still couldn’t pull out  a win, it was one of the most exciting games this week to watch!

Oklahoma 23, Florida State 13
Oklahoma made this game look easy to win, but don’t doubt that it was a tough-fought battle. With Kenny Stills back on the field and Landry Jones there to throw to him, this team didn’t need much else to win the game on Saturday.

Alabama 41, North Texas 0
A shutout doesn’t usually bring much excitement to any game. But anyone who’s a fan of Trent Richardson or Eddie Lacy got all they needed as they watched these two both got in the most rushing yards during their careers.

Nebraska 51, Washington 38
This game was another one that you had to keep a close eye on to make sure you didn’t miss any of the action. While it looked as though the Huskies were going to be the victors of the competition, their special teams only had to make a few fumbles in order for Nebraska to capitalize on them and take the win.

Boise State 40, Toledo 15
Kellen Moore of Boise State was enough to get any college football fan out on a Friday night. Never one to disappoint, Moore threw five touchdown passes.

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