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Are the Green Bay Packers Going for a Repeat Win?

It had to hurt when long time Chicago Bears fan Barack Obama was visited by the Green Bay Packers in the aftermath of their Super Bowl XLV win.  Obama stated that if the Chicago Bears won he would actually attend the Super Bowl, a comment to which Green Bay Packers corner Charles Woodson replied, “The President don’t want to come watch us at the Super Bowl, guess what? We’re going to see him!”

And see him they did, as Green Bay went on to win the Super Bowl, and did meet the president as well as the Mayor Jim Schmitt and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.  In fact, the team so unselfishly presented the president with gifts: the first, a Green Bay Packers Jersey with Obama’s name on it, and the second an autographed shirt Charles Woodson jersey reading “See you at the White House.  Go Packers!”  After the first meeting in which Obama went to the team, the second meeting came true–the Packers visited the White House.

He was also given an honorary stock share of the organization, making him part owner of the team.  Obama joked whether he could trade Aaron Rodgers to the Bears, to which Woodson reminded that a minority owner could not make such a request.

It seemed like the end of a good year.  There was always “next year” for the Cowboys, the Saints, the Patriots and all your other favorite teams.  Wouldn’t you know though that history appears to be repeating itself, as Green Back is now the only team in the NFL with an 8-0 win-loss record.

Their closest competition is the San Francisco 49ers who are holding a strong 7-1 win-loss record.  After the two leaders of the league, there are the second tier of teams holding six wins, including the Bengals, the Ravens, the Steelers, the Giants, the Lions, the Saints and, strangely enough, the Texans.  Meanwhile former Super Bowl champions the Indianapolis Colts hide their faces with a 0-9 record, followed by the Dolphins and the Rams, each with an embarrassing one win record.

Things could change by the end of the year, though at this point it’s hard to imagine any team catching up with Green Bay.  The Packers are said to be the best team in the sport at the moment, thanks to stellar performances by the team, including Aaron Rogers.  Are the Packers destined to repeat their previous Super Bowl win?

And if they meet the president this time around, is Obama paying or is Woodson?

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