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As the Quarterback Turns – The Latest Soap in the NFL

Well, the final quarter of the NFL season has begun and it’s a full on soap opera, complete with heroes, villains, crazy people and mature schemers who don’t know when to quit.  The world is talking about Favre – again – as rumor has it he may take a Bears quarterback job.  According to some sources (including ESPN’s Michael C. Wright) “Favre would listen if the Chicago Bears made a pitch.”

Favre is currently retired (again) after playing an underwhelming season with the Minnesota Vikings.  He reached a few milestones (including, 10,000 pass attempts, as well as 500 touchdowns and 70,000 yards).  Unfortunately, one more episode of Super Bowl glory was cancelled, as the quarterback was injured by Bills linebacker Arthur Moats.  Favre missed the rest of the game and became inactive for a time.  When he returned on the 20th, playing the Bears, he suffered a concussion at the hands of defensive end Corey Wootton.

Favre couldn’t finish the season against the Lions because he couldn’t pass a concussion test.  Not surprisingly, he left the Vikings and the entire NFL by January 2011.  Now word has it Favre might be interested in joining the Bears and coming out of retirement to save his third NFC North team (again).

Does this move make any sense?  Logically, yes, because Favre has experience with both the Packers and the Vikings, and that’s who Chicago will be taking on this abbreviated season.  This is a very important season and what wins games is what ultimately matters.  Right now, the Bears are struggling and need to solidify their grip on an NFC wild-card spot.

Of course, the downside to this is that Favre may not be suited to the role and may not fit in with the present team.  In fact, Coach Lovie Smith said on record, “We’re not looking on the outside. We won’t have a quarterback tryout or anything like that.”  Not that the inside track is doing that much better–current starter Caleb Hanie has thrown six interceptions and counting.

Meanwhile, the Detroit Lions are playing the role of ticking time bomb, psycho of the week, as they suffered 11 penalties against the Saints this past weekend.  (Though all that foul play didn’t save them from a 31-17 loss)  The appalling performance has even led some big names to discuss censuring or even fining Jim Schwartz for allowing such conduct.  All this plus our heroes, the Green Bay Packers, continuing their undefeated streak now up to 12-0–what a season!  Thus far, 2011 is making for strange bedfellows, wacky plot twists and lots of drama–and we’re hooked!

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