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Chiefs Host Geno Smith for NFL Draft

Where will quarterback Geno Smith go? That is the big question. And right now, the only answer is to Kansas City. That will be the first stop on his “World Tour,” the label he gave to the number of extensive interviews he’ll be on this week. The question is, do the Chiefs really want him?

They should, with Smith’s record. He threw for 4,205 yards this past season, and had 42 touchdown passes to boot, and that was just his impressive performance this last season. The Chiefs have the first pick, but would they really choose Geno Smith?

It does seem like a bit of smoke and mirrors, a trick that NFL teams are notorious for using this time of year as the draft approaches. Try to make other teams think they’re interested in him, and then try to negotiate for even more draft picks — not to mention a smaller salary for the player they actually want. Kansas could be looking to trade their first draft spot, and so the reason for hosting him in the first place.

Add to that the fact that Kansas just traded for quarterback Alex Smith, and you have to wonder why they’d use their pick for yet another QB. It was thought that they’d be using their pick for an offensive lineman that would help protect Alex Smith; rather than someone who will be competing with him for that starting spot.

The Buffalo Bills are one of the teams thought to be most interested in Geno Smith. He’s already met with them once last month, and he’s set to go back this week on his “World Tour.” Again, no one knows how interested the Bills really are, especially since they just signed Kevin Kolb after Arizona cut him. But Kolb likely won’t be the starter for the Bills, leaving them with that spot still open.

So who will ultimately get this quarterback that’s thought to go to number one? As Geno Smith himself says, “We’ll just have to see on draft night.”

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