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Colorado Broncos Versus the Cincinnati Bengals

The Denver Broncos are playing big this year, and rumor has it, they’re on their way to the Super Bowl.  If this happens, the brothers Manning may be pairing off as the New York Giants, with younger brother, Eli Manning fighting on the other side, are beginning to appear invincible.  With 6-2 wins, they’ve stridden ahead of the season’s contestants, with the only real question left as just who will be pitted against them.

The Broncos have a record of three losses; four wins, giving them a win-loss average comparable to the other leading contenders.  However, the Broncos three losses have been against some of the toughest teams in the league; the Falcons, the Texans and the Patriots.  With their most formidable opponents out of the way, the Broncos don’t see the rest of the season as a hard line-up to beat, and Peyton Manning, their star quarterback, says he’s just warming up.

Recuperating from a total of four neck surgeries and a lost 2011 football season, 36 year old Peyton Manning insists he can’t really play ball the way he used to.  That didn’t stop him, however from leading the Broncos into a 34-14 victory against the New Orleans Saints.  His spotless game earned him a completed 22 out of 30 passes for 305 yards and three touchdowns.  This performance was Manning’s fifth consecutive 300-yard passing game tying the longest stretch of his career, achieved in the 2009 season, and leading the NFL with a 109.0 passer rating.

The Broncos have had a slight setback.  Linebacker, Joe Mays, is out for the season with a broken leg.  Considered a team leader and a confidence man, the Broncos don’t feel things will be quite the same with without Mays determination to get out on the field and make plays.  However, they feel they have a few good potential candidates for filling in Mays’ place from their practice squad.  They are also looking forward to the return of their lead tackler, who is eligible to return November eighth, after serving a three game ban for driving while impaired.

The Broncos are confident their game against the Cincinnati Bengals will be a shoe-in, solidifying their win ratio and furthering their chances as candidates for the Super Bowl.  If this happens, we might just see what everyone has been waiting for; a contest to the finish between the football champion brothers Manning.

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