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Dallas Cowboys Versus Philadelphia Eagles

Dallas Cowboys Vice President states the rough and ready Cowboys still have a chance to make it into the play-offs.   Even though their record leaves much to desired, with 5 wins, 6 losses, a win against the Philadelphia Eagles would even up the ante.   Cowboy fans are not so convinced.   It was a dismal weekend for the Dallas team, when they lost 36-31 to the Washington Redskins.   Even more disturbing for quarterback Tony Romo, was losing for the first time in six starts on Thanksgiving, despite a spectacular career 441 yards high and three second-half touch-downs, including a record 85 yarder to Dez Bryant.

Fans are fairly confident the Cowboys will score a win over the Philadelphia Eagles.   While they’ve suffered a lot of injuries in the ruthless battle toward the top, including linebacker, Bruce Carter, they still have upcoming games against Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, New Orleans and Washington; all tough teams that are knocking them down this season, the Eagles have been taking their share of losses, as well.   With just three wins wrapped up under their belt, the Eagles have been in pain, with a list of inactive players that could make a grown man cry.

Carter was playing a spectacular defense in the Thanksgiving game against the Redskins, until the third quarter, when his collision course against the Washington team gave him an elbow injury.   He has since been placed on injured reserve and will probably require surgery.

They are now pinning their hopes on Anthony Armstrong, who just signed on for a receiver position.   He has the speed.   He has the experience.   He spent two years with Washington, from 2009-10 where he caught 51 passes for a 19.1 yard average and five touchdowns.   He was recently let go by the Miami Dolphins, and the Cowboys feel it’s Miami’s loss, their gain.

The Cowboys are notorious for starting the season with a bang, but limping through the month of December.   They’ve polished up their act with not only introducing Armstrong into the roster, but veteran linebacker, Brady Poppinga, who played with the Green Bay Packer from the years 2005-2010.   It’s possible the game against Philadelphia will break their losing streak, turning their normally weak December month into a reversal of fortunes.   It’s time for the Cowboys to get tough, because one thing the fans are certain of; if they don’t win the December 2nd  game against the Eagles, the Cowboys will not be going into the playoffs.

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