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Is Peyton Going to Nashville?

The Tennessee Titans have made it clear that they would do everything they could to get Peyton Manning to play for them this year, and yesterday they started trying.

When Manning stepped off the plane in Tennessee to meet with Titans’ execs, it was nothing new to him. Manning played for Tennessee during his college years, and at the time he enjoyed the hero football star status that he still enjoys today. And the fact that a hero was in town was certainly felt. Fans lined the fence outside of team headquarters, cheering and waving and holding up posters indicating their desperation to have Peyton play for them. And while Manning was inside speaking to Titans coach, Mike Munchak and team doctors, the Tennessee Governor, Bill Haslam also phoned to speak to Manning personally. Reporters were outside giving “live action updates” and a radio station even blared the song “Rocky Top” while Manning was inside. Yes, Tennessee wants him. And they want him badly.

No one knows just yet what Manning will do, but free agency has already begun and that means Manning will need to make a decision soon. Denver, Arizona, and Miami are all now teams that are actively pursuing the quarterback, but they won’t be able to wait forever. If Manning doesn’t make a decision they’ll have to go with someone else just to cover their bases. And if Manning wants other players to come with him, he’ll need to give even more time for deals to be made.

For the time being, we can only hope that real news will be made soon. Bud Adams, owner of the Titans, told a Nashville radio station on Wednesday night, “He’s going to make up his mind fairly soon. Hopefully we’d be in the running.”

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