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The Green Bay Packers Maintain a Perfect Record

The Green Bay Packers is the team to beat this year, as the Packers have built an impressive 11-0 season record as of November 28, 2011. (They also have a streak going of 17 wins) While maintaining an undefeated streak is not exactly unprecedented, it is great news for a season that holds no other favorites. Thus far, the Packers have bested such formidable teams as the Saints, the Panthers, the Bears, the Broncos, the Falcons, the Rams, the Vikings, the Chargers, the Buccaneers, the Lions and the Giants.

Their toughest game to date was their defeat over the Detroit Lions, (27-15) a game in which the Packers wisely capitalized on their competitor’s inexperience. The losing team’s roster seemed distracted and eventually suffered eleven penalties, eight of which were in the game’s first half.

At this point, most experts and fans are resigning to the fact that the Packers will make it to the Super Bowl, and perhaps even win, depending on the competition. In fact, they could reach their first milestone this coming Sunday, as they aim to “cinch” the NFC North. If they win, they will make it to 12-0, and will force the Lions out of contention. Even if they start losing games, they would still hold an advantage over fellow competitor the Chicago Bears.

So the million-dollar question is, what is keeping the Packers going at such a high speed? Why are they clobbering the rest of the NFL? Some fans are crediting their amazing offense led by Aaron Rodgers, who brings just the right amount of trajectory and spin to his throws. Others credit the team’s youthful roster as well as their veteran experience in coaching and defense. Of course, more than a few fans suggest that the Packers are merely dominating a very weak NFL season.

Indeed, we are watching a season of disastrous performances, most notably by the Colts, who have yet to win a single game. The only other team attempting a (near) perfect score is the 49ers, who have a record of 9-2. Perhaps it is too early to tell if we’re going to see a Green Bay-San Francisco Super Bowl, but it’s never too early to speculate! What do you think?

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