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The NFL is Back: Broncos Take the Field!

It was announced on Monday that the NFL lockout was officially over with all parties finally getting their desired result in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. But many fans still held their breath, not wanting to really believe it until they saw it with their own eyes. And today’s the day! The Denver Broncos are the first to take the field in an official practice since the lockout began, and no one could be more excited about it than Elvis Dumervile, the team’s defensive end who’s bought out on account of injury since August 4 of last year.

While two of the team’s vets, Wesley Woodward and Matt Prater, won’t be on the field as they’re still both free agents and unable to sign until Friday, there will be some faces that fans will be excited to see. One of those is Mario Fannin, who came to the Broncos after entertaining offers from several different teams, as well as Virgil Green, who the team signed to a 4-year contract on Wednesday.

These announcements coming from the Denver Broncos are definitely just a taste of what NFL fans have to look forward to in the next several weeks as more teams take the field for the season that almost never was.

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