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The Super Bowl: New York Battles New England (Again)

The year 2011 was certainly a year of close calls (the lock out fiasco), of disappointing defeats (Green Bay), and cruel ironies.  (Er, Green Bay!)  However, the irony is just beginning.  Now in 2012 we are preparing for a Super Bowl rematch from 2008.  Just a few years ago, the New York Giants stunned the New England Patriots with a Super Bowl XLII defeat, which humbled the Patriots to a near perfect season. 

And now, the New York Giants have caused yet another upset, by kicking Green Bay out of contention (who would have had a near perfect season) and landing in the NFC Championship game.  Now, they stand poised to battle New England (who always looks good if not great) yet again, and everyone’s thinking it’s payback for New England who may well have been robbed of their 2008 Super Bowl party.  Yes, the Pats are back, as is Tom Brady and the team is dedicating their game to owner Bob Kraft and his late wife Myra.

It is hard to predict this contest, as New York has both the history and the upset factor in its advantage.  It already outplayed Green Bay, not to mention the 49ers, and would only be repeating its Super Bowl success if it takes this year’s Super Bowl.  On the other hand, New England is arguably the second best team in the league, at least if you compare season scores, not to mention former Super Bowl champions in 2001, 2003 and 2004.

However, recent history might be a tip off as to who is the better quality team.  When the Giants last played the Patriots this season, the Giants won 24 to 20 in a “comeback victory.”  They also defeated the Patriots in their home arena!  So the Giants are certainly not anyone’s sentimental favorite, they having crushed more dreams in the last few years than even Freddy Krueger.  The last Super Bowl game they played saw Eli Manning win the MVP and he is definitely back in action for this ultimate contest.

Are the Giants going to earn a reputation as the upset team of the decade or will New England redeem their last Super Bowl loss (and this season’s loss) against their New York underdog rivals?  Oh yeah, they’re underdogs for sure, as they have only a 9-7 win-loss record for the season!  What do you think?

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