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Tim Tebow Sets Records, Gives Thanks and Shakes Up Twitter

Tim Tebow is setting records and provoking discussion…oh and he can sure play football! He’s also garnered plenty of criticism and controversy for his personality and his “giving praise to god”, so much so that Bill Maher recently had a little fun with him on Twitter — and started a small war with his fans and with politically correct activists.

However, Tebow’s critics are silenced for the time being, as he led his team, the Denver Broncos, to an impressive with over defending AFC Champion, the Pittsburgh Steelers. In fact, the Steelers looked something beyond broken, and that’s not just because they were missing a few power players, but because their entire defense was lacking that fateful Sunday (January 9, 2012). And that says a lot, considering their defense was considered by many to be the best in the NFL this year.

The wild card team Denver Broncos defeated the Steelers 29-23, and much of the win was due to Tebow’s performance, as he threw for 316 yards and a touchdown. Umm, is that ironic or what? After all, he was wearing face paint reading the famous “John 3:16.” This prompted many in the media and all over the sports to suggest, perhaps sarcastically but still in awe, that God really did like the Denver Broncos this season.

Tebow threw for 185 yards in just the second quarter, and had five completions in the game (for over 30 yards each). He also became the first quarterback of the season to throw for more than 300 yards against the Steelers defense.

Tebow made a record on field: the highest playoff average in NFL history with 15 yards gained per pass attempt (21). Just to unsettle you Tebow and God doubters out there, Tebow was actually looking pretty bad the last couple of weeks, and so his triumph is the sort of “miracle” Sunday NFL fans will be talking about for a while.

And talk they did, as Tebow almost set a Twitter record, as the service recorded 9,420 tweets per second after Tebow threw an 80-yard touchdown pass on the first play of overtime. Is Tebow going to be the talk of the NFL this season or next? We may see as soon as next week, as the Broncos go to New England for a divisional-round game against the strong-looking Patriots.

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