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An Update on the NHL

The Pittsburgh Penguins are enjoying having a healthy lineup once again, with Sidney Crosby helping them all the way to the top spot in the Eastern conference. And while they’re 14 points are impressive, they’re still not as good as Chicago’s 18 points. In fact the Blackhawks have only lost two games, and both have ended in a shootout.

But the season has only been on for just over two weeks, and there is still lots of hockey to be played. Meanwhile, the NHLPA is currently facing more drama with rumors swirling that the NBA is courting union head Donald Fehr.

Fehr was of course, most instrumental during the very recent lockout, when he negotiated a far better deal for the NHL players than what was originally on the table. The players, prior to that negotiation, had pulled Fehr out of retirement to come represent them, after he had done such a great job with the MLB strike in 1994-1995. Now, could Fehr be striving for triple threat status, as rumors swirl saying the NBA wants him?

The NBPA’s current executive director, Billy Hunter, has been put on an indefinite leave of absence; and it’s likely that the NBA agents are interested in finding a new union head. And the reports from that they’re interested in Fehr wouldn’t be that surprising, as he “would be formidable,” as one NBA agent put it. The only question that remained was, would Fehr want the job?

It seemed as though he may have been mulling it over, as Fehr had no comment on the story at first. However, just recently a source stated, “Don is very happy in his current role and has absolutely no plans to leave the NHLPA.”

But that is after all, an unnamed source with no verification whatsoever. Do you think Fehr would leave the NHLPA to move to the NBPA? Do you think he wants to jump back into another high-drama situation now that the NHL CBA will stand for the next 8 — 10 years?

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