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Kings Beat Devils in Game 1 of Stanley Cup Finals

Even though the New Jersey Devils sat higher in the standings during regular season, there was no question going into last night’s game that the Los Angeles Kings were the highly favored team. Keeping the dream alive for Kings’ fans, and continuing their undefeated road streak, the Kings won 2-1 against the Devils in overtime.

It wasn’t easy for them, though. Even after Colin Fraser’s first goal for the Kings, L.A. still looked they were struggling to keep up with the pace of the New Jersey Devils. Still, it took the Devils over twenty minutes to answer with a goal of their own and tie the game 1-1 late in the second period. From there, it was purely a battle to the finish and the feeling hung heavily in the air that the next goal would be for the win.

Making the most of a great breakaway, it was Anze Kopitar that emerged as the hero for the Kings when he swiftly put the puck past Brodeur 8:13 into overtime. It may just be the first game, but as Kings’ center Jarrett Stoll said after the game, “It’s just a big win. A big win in Game 1, and we focus now on Game 2 and try to win Game 2. That’s it.”

Stoll was also referring to the current record the Kings are holding for the most wins on the road during the Finals. Already being the first team to make it to the Finals undefeated on the road, they are now looking to tie the record for the most wins on the road in the post-season. Stoll also said, “It doesn’t matter if it’s two in a row or 40 in a row on the road, the numbers don’t really matter right now. It’s whether or not we find a way to win.”

If they find that way to win in Saturday’s NHL Game 2, they’ll be up 2-0 in the series taking it back home to L.A. There they could sweep, and win the Cup at home for their fan. But it’s a long series; and based on last night’s game, anyone’s guess.

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