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Sidney Crosby out with Broken Jaw

It wasn’t his first game back, but this was to be Sidney Crosby’s comeback season, and now he’s out with an injury once again. The official word is that he’s out “indefinitely,” while it’s widely thought that he’ll be out for at least one month. And even if the Pittsburgh Penguins can get him back that early, the playoffs will be just getting under way. Leaving everyone to wonder, what kind of shape will he be in to face the toughest run of the season?

It was on Saturday when Crosby took his first shift against the New York Islanders. Crosby was standing to the left side of the net, probably ready to look for a rebound after his teammate’s, Brook Orpik’s, slap shot. Unfortunately, that shot was deflected, and it ended up hitting Crosby’s face instead of the Islanders’ net. Crosby immediately hit the ice, with his stick thrown to the side, and covering his face. Instant replay also displays the gruesome show of several of Crosby’s teeth flying out of his mouth. But missing teeth are the least of Crosby’s problems right now.

That puck broke Crosby’s jaw, and he underwent surgery for it immediately after it happened. The team is also saying that he needed “major dental work” and that he’ll be receiving more in the coming week. Of course with everything Sidney has been through these past two years, “concussion” is the word on everyone’s mind. Penguins coach Dan Bylsma says that Sid’s not experiencing any symptoms at the moment but of course, it’s something that they’re monitoring.

Losing Crosby didn’t hurt the team though, at least not for that game. The Pens won 2-0 against the Islanders, and they’re getting ready to face Buffalo on Tuesday.

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