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Early December Makes Wrestling Superstars Edgy

It’s not Christmas yet, so no wonder everyone in the wrestling world is feeling less than merry.  Perhaps it’s the anxiety of the upcoming WWE Slammy Awards, or perhaps the looming Tables, Ladders and Chairs Pay-Per-View.  Regardless, everyone involved in wrestling is feeling high anxiety.  How about TNA star Hulk Hogan, who is filing a lawsuit against his ex-wife for defamation of character?  The Hulk’s not alone, however; Hulk friend and former WWE competitor Brutus the Barber Beefcake is also suing Linda Hogan for “outing” allegations.  It all coincides with Linda’s new book, Wrestling the Hulk – My Life Against the Ropes.  Why not enjoy some drama outside of the ring for a change?

It may be the off the record, but recent statements made by former WWE star Batista were hard-hitting.  He appeared on The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show to explain why he left the WWE–because he objected to the “family friendly” direction that was overtaking the WWE Attitude of old.  He also took the opportunity to bash John Cena, whom he called “Mister Hokey, Mister PG… to me, he killed hardcore, edgy wrestling.”

Over at the MMA, Alistair Overeem promised that he’s ready to tear ex-WWE superstar Brock Lesnar apart, despite rumors suggesting that he would not show up for personal reasons.   Overeem cockily told the press and MMA fans that he would “be sending [Lesnar] back to WWE for you.”

Chris Jericho killed our excitement about a possible WWE return on 1/2/12 (have you seen the mysterious promos?) by tweeting “Haven’t watched Raw in a month and I haven’t seen the mystery promos. Sorry…don’t know and don’t care so u can stop asking.”  This finalizes (for most fans) Jericho’s thoughts on the WWE, as he has already stated that he has no interest in returning.

Last but not least, the tension is so high, some WWE officials are running a fever.  Is it true the WWE wants to produce a new daily talk show for their WWE Network?  It appears as if this news story is true, and the WWE wants to make the talk show “in kayfabe”, meaning it’s all related to WWE storylines.

It’s feeling edgy in TNA and in WWE locker rooms, but all that bad blood just makes the live wrestling events that much more exciting!

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