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How Badly Does the WWE Want Brock Lesnar?

When Brock Lesnar was active in the WWE he reached unprecedented success. Under the management of Paul Heyman, Lesnar went from a rookie to a WWE champion, clobbering the top stars of the day with just a few trademark moves. He was the WWE’s version of Goldberg, a monster that “squashed” the competition, and perhaps one who achieved far too much too soon.

Just as Goldberg eventually dissipated from the wrestling world, so too did Lesnar. He left the WWE in 2004 after losing his title to Eddie Guerrero and then “jobbing” to Bill Goldberg (ironically). Just as Goldberg left the company, so too did Lesnar, opting to pursue a career in the National Football League (which never happened) and then eventually in the Ultimate Fighting Championship sport. To their credit though, Goldberg and Lesnar did make history–a match in which fans taunted both superstars with negative chants (well knowing they were leaving wrestling) and only cheering when special referee Stone Cold Steve Austin knocked both men out with a “stunner” finishing move at the end of the match.

Now, years after his departure and his less than thrilling UFC career, Lesnar is a free agent. Lesnar announced his UFC retirement (after losing his last match quite pathetically). In fact, some people suspect he threw the match on purpose. His easy defeat even prompted fellow WWE retiree Chris Jericho to remark on Twitter, “Lesnar just took a dive…”

Some more interesting facts about this mystery: Lesnar has been mentioned by various WWE superstars over the last few months and even agreed to work with the McMahon’s for his likeness to appear in a WWE video game. Is this a sign of greater things to come?

Of course, even if Lesnar does eventually return to the WWE it may very well be for a short period of time, or perhaps a part time schedule. Perhaps a Wrestlemania match (which is a one-time big pay off and a few RAW appearances) would be a good deal for both parties. If Lesnar returns who would he face? The locker room leader Triple H (and his Kliq pals), or action hero John Cena, or perhaps even the World’s Strongest Man?

Regardless of what scenario happens, it would be great to see Lesnar back in a WWE ring!

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