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Is Brock Lesnar Really Through with the WWE?

Everyone was thinking the same thing as soon as Lesnar showed his creepy little head on WWE TV.  How long is the temperamental star going to last this time?  Well, as of the end of May 2012, it appears as if Lesnar and the WWE have parted ways.  While Lesnar did take on John Cena and give WWE fans a great match, (he actually put Cena in the hospital) after the Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View event, on the following Monday Night RAW show, Lesnar was again booted out of the WWE.

Chief Operating Officer Triple H confronted Lesnar over his “contract demands” and said he would not authorize any of them.  Lesnar responded professionally…and attacked Triple H, putting him in a Kimura lock and breaking his arm.  (Well…it was sort of professional, at least for a WWE personality!)  Triple H of course is far from a fan favorite, so it’s very possible Lesnar is being pushed as a “face” this time around.

Paul Heyman appeared on May 7th, stating that he was serving as Lesnar’s legal counsel.  He then made the official announcement that Brock was quitting the WWE.   That’s the last we’ve heard…but few in the wrestling world actually believe this is a “real” development.  In fact, Lesnar is still considered a WWE talent and is signed for some 30 more appearances over 2012.

Nevertheless, everyone is playing up the angle.  Brock even showed up at the UFC 146 event, where he scowled it up just enough to get reporters talking.  It appears as if the WWE and UFC have a friendly working relationship where the both work together to get buzz going for both of their products.  Why, just a few years ago, The Undertaker appeared at a UFC event just to stare down Lesnar and get the world whispering.

The truth of the matter is that the WWE “wrote” Lesnar out of story lines to explain his part time schedule.  (Like The Rock and other big name stars, Lesnar only shows up for “big” events)  However, you can be at least 90% sure that Lesnar is coming back in a big way, most likely to take on Triple H at Summerslam in August.

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