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Is Mick Foley Returning To The WWE Soon?

Few wrestlers have made an impression in WWE history like Mick Foley. He may have started out as “Mankind” and “Dude Love” but eventually Foley’s persona transcended his gimmicks. He became known to fans as a god of the wrestling world, a humble and eloquent man who just happened to love hardcore fighting. What other wrestler slash family man would dare jump off a steel cage, crash through the ring, take 15 or so chair shots to the head and fall on a pile of thumbtacks?

Only Foley! So it was certainly big news when it was announced that Mick Foley and the WWE would part ways. Foley has been fooling around in TNA and in individual house shows for the last few years. However, it has recently been reported that Foley is set to return to WWE action as soon as November of this year!

While the news is not officially confirmed, the insider news suggests that this gentle/rough man/child is likely to return and fit into main event story lines. According to sources such as, Mick Foley is already booked for Survivor Series, as well as Smackdown and RAW shows. Could he be returning in a general manager role or perhaps even in a few bouts?

Some sources even suggest his return could signify a new era in the WWE. How so? Some sources are legitimately reporting that the WWE is considering a return to more “hardcore” material in terms of violence and language. (Some even suggest the change has already been taking place, slowly but surely) That makes perfect sense, especially if fans are going to see a reunion of Mick Foley and The Rock, the two Vaudevillian hams who love to swear and make cheap sex jokes.

Hey, who’s complaining? WWE fans expect the outrageous. One thing’s for sure. Mick Foley is the definition of hardcore, and if he’s coming back the WWE is going to have a hard time toning things down! Oh lord, what will the poor Muppets do on Halloween Monday Night RAW? Can we expect more chairs to the head or maybe even a Mr. Socko Kermit feud?

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