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Three WWE Returns We Are Excited About

It’s hard not to tune into the WWE as of late, as there are all sorts of shenanigans going on, from walk outs, from unscripted “shoot” interviews lambasting management, to muppets!  (Sorry, just had to once again plug the upcoming Halloween show on Monday October 31st)  All this plus a growing threat from the TNA organization.  So the WWE is a shaky company to say the least.  Since The Rock is a part time player at best, and there’s only one mainstream star like John Cena, we are thinking that it’s time for the WWE to bring (back) the big guns–and we’re not talking the lovely Trish Stratus.

Rather, we want to hear more about these three big returns to the WWE locker room.

1. The Big Show
The seven-foot tall Paul Wight is already back in action, though up until now we have only seen one incident, though it was a hot one.  The Big Show returned to Smackdown on October 7th and became the #1 contender for the championship after confronting and choke slamming Mark Henry–the same man who put him on the injury list for four months.  The Big Show has been a “big name” in wrestling ever since his WCW days as The Giant.  He is precisely what the WWE needs to get back its “big man” edge.  There are too many little men running around the ring to truly call it the World Heavyweight Championship.

2. Chris Jericho
Christopher Irvine, a.k.a. Chris Jericho, is another big name in wrestling and has been a contender ever since Y2J first erupted in the 1999-2000 “season” of Monday Night RAW.  When we last saw Jericho he was goofing off with The Nexus, The Great Khali and Bret Hart (bizarrely enough).  He left after a so called injury, but maintained that he would only come back when he could commit himself 100% to wrestling.  Well that time is now, where the WWE needs another face to shake things up.  Jericho is far from disinterested in a WWE return; in fact, he tweets about WWE happenings regularly.  He also has a long rivalry with Triple H, so we say it’s about time for Y2J’s “second coming.”

3. Brock Lesnar
Not a hoax, not a dream!  Seven years after his acrimonious split with McMahon and company, Brock Lesnar is returning!  Although it’s a bit premature to say he’s headlining Wrestlemania.  Brock is still tied to UFC, but he is going to be returning to the WWE video game universe as a “featured star” in WWE: 12.  The company approached Lesnar and asked for his permission to use his likeness, name and character for an advertising campaign.  Commercials for the game are coming very soon.  Could a fulltime return or even a crossover promotion with UFC be far off?  We sure hope so because it’s about time for a Goldberg vs. Lesnar Wrestlemania rematch!

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