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WWE WrestleMania 28 Makes History

You had to know WrestleMania 28 would make history, as this event has been building for well over a year! The double main event has definitely been slow-brewing ever since 2011, when The Rock first met John Cena, and the Undertaker battles Triple H at last year’s WrestleMania 27.

Perhaps you even scoffed at the main event this year–after all, The Rock only shows up to a WWE ring once or twice a year. This match was made for the glory of John Cena, right? Wasn’t it obvious The Rock would play the role of “jabroni” to John Cena?

Maybe it was obvious, but it sure as heck didn’t happen! In fact, The Rock was the crowd favorite for the entire event (Cena was just about booed out of the stadium) and defeated the white rapper wrestler after a devastating Rock Bottom. The Rock Bottom finisher was perfectly executed, as Rock played dead for a mock “People’s Elbow” by Cena, and then sprung up to deliver the blow. The most interesting development, wrestling fans and insiders say, was the fact that Cena was playing the villain on WrestleMania 28, showing great arrogance, while The Rock was playing the role of hero underdog.

There were other upsets as well, such as Sheamus winning the World Title from Daniel Bryan in only 18 seconds, and Kane defeating Randy Orton with a clean choke slam. CM Punk also retained the title, defeating Chris Jericho with the “Anaconda vise.”

Perhaps the best match of the night (though Rock and Cena was a close second) was the Undertaker vs. Triple H, in a bout that virtually promised us that Undertaker would lose, and that Triple H would destroy the dead man’s WrestleMania winning streak. However, Taker again defeated Triple H with a tombstone pile driver to go 20-0. Gee, they made it seem like such a surprise. The most surprising bit was when Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Undertaker all shared a group hug! Sweeeet, guys.

Another interesting tidbit was the news that ex-UFC fighter Brock Lesnar was in Miami, and may have even been backstage at the event. However, Lesnar did not make his presence known. Perhaps he was just waiting for the perfect “surprise” appearance on the next episode of Monday Night RAW?

Wrestlemania 28 is history, but the WWE has nine more months of action to offer in 2012. Buy your tickets in advance and come enjoy the internal and external fireworks going on!

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