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A Preview of the San Francisco 49’ers and the Patriots

The San Francisco 49’ers are surging to the forefront and they have made quite an impression this season, having earned nine wins, three losses and one tie.  Now they’re gearing up for serious business with their upcoming game with the New England Patriots.

The 49’ers have played tough.  During the recent game against the Miami Dolphins, they seemed to go in for a bit of overkill.  Already with a strong lead, they polished up the fourth quarter with a near last minute touchdown, giving the team a 27-13 win. While a good team, the Dolphins have been mistake prone this year, plaguing them with more losses than they’ve had wins.  The battle against the 49’ers simply buried the hatchet a little bit deeper.

The 49’ers have grabbed so much attention, that their game against the Seattle Seahawks, scheduled for December 23, has now been moved up to prime time, bumping out the intended coverage between the Chargers and the Jets, which just doesn’t seem that hot in comparison.  With that added game, the 49’ers will be playing six prime time games for the season, three on Sunday night, two on Monday and one on a Thursday.  The Seahawks’ score pad, with five losses, looks a little weaker than the 49’ers, but the season finale is still up in the air.  December 16, they go up against the New England Patriots.

The Patriots have seven straight wins, and a ten wins total and have got their sights set firmly on the championship.  While the 49er’s gently stomped the Miami Dolphins, they crushed the Houston Texans in their December 10th game.  What happens next will be pure electricity.  If the 49’ers win, that will give them a great edge and probably cause the Seahawks, who are still feeling optimistic, to tremble a little in their shoes.  If the Patriots win, they have only one giant left to crush, and it isn’t New York.  It’s the Green Bay Packers.  Out of the big three, only one can stand victorious.

There is only one certainty.  The game between the 49’ers and the Patriots will be a great game.  The two teams, so evenly matched, are winding up for the season end, knowing that all eyes will be on them and both are determined to give it their all. Now is the best time to see live action as history unfolds in one of the most heart-stopping games of 2012.

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