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CM Punk Shoots on WWE Monday Night RAW and Steps Up to Greatness

Just in case you haven’t seen WWE Monday Night RAW in ages, it’s about time you familiarize yourself with CM Punk. CM Punk has been a main event on the WWE roster off and on for quite some time now, but only within the last two months has he truly stepped into the role of mainstream greatness. Now however, it appears as if all of his momentum and buzz is being nipped before he has the chance to come into his own and make the WWE some real money.

First a little back-story. CM Punk, whose real name is Phillip Jack Brooks, recently told wrestling fans that his contract with WWE is expiring and he plans to leave the company with the WWE Championship at the “Money in the Bank” PPV (during which he presumes, he will defeat John Cena). As if that wasn’t daring enough, he also gave a now legendary “shoot” interview on WWE Monday Night RAW a few weeks ago, during which he insulted several top name wrestling superstars, as well as the McMahon family which owns and controls the WWE.

Naturally, CM Punk was suspended for airing his controversial opinions, but not before setting the Internet wrestling world on fire with one of the best wrestling promos in recent memory. Many fans, and even some WWE past and present athletes, proclaimed it the best promo of the last ten years, recalling the glory days of Rock and Austin.

Some of the wrestling superstars that had to give Twitter props to CM Punk included John Bradshaw Layfield, MVP (“who called it CM Punk’s “3:16 moment”), Bret “The Hitman” Hart (who said it was comparable to Steve Carrell leaving “The Office”), Tazz, Chris Jericho, and Mick Foley who said it was “captivating stuff.” Caesar himself, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin said it was one of the best promos he had ever seen!

What’s the latest coming from the WWE locker room? CM Punk was reinstated into the WWE by Vince McMahon at the urging of John Cena who has a score to settle. However, it still appears as if this will be CM’s last WWE match.

There is a rumor that this is all a “work” (a common term in the wrestling world meaning it’s all part of the script), but there is also legitimate talk of CM Punk leaving WWE to help beef up another wrestling federation that wants to challenge WWE’s monopoly on the sport. (Perhaps TNA or Ring of Honor) Many insiders and wrestling fans are stating that WWE really dropped the ball with this one, and is going to lose one of their most promising stars (just after delivering a killer promo). What do you think?

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