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The WWE’s Extreme Rules Brings Us an Extreme Night and an Extreme Injury

The WWE offered plenty of intense competition all night for Extreme Rules, including the likes of CM Punk vs. Jericho and Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan. However, the match everyone was talking about was John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar. Lesnar just recently returned to the company and has been itching to make a name for himself against the top “face” in the company.

The action was extreme, all right, as Cena was bloodied up within the first minute of the contest. Lesnar also gave the people exactly what they wanted to see–he used a variety of MMA-style moves, all of the tactics he learned during his UFC stint. Lesnar actually dominated most of the match, and had Cena reeling. However, the momentum changed after Cena used a chain, as well as one of his finishing moves on the steel steps. Cena eventually won the match, which was a bit of redemption for Cena, who just jobbed to The Rock at the company’s WrestleMania event.

While some fans were surprised, or even irate, (Cena has been the company’s most loved and yet despised “face” star ever since the days of Hulk Hogan) this was most likely the first of many battles to come. Those who were expecting a monstrous win for Lesnar over Cena were obviously not seeing the bigger picture. Lesnar needs to climb the ladder, and re-learn the WWE’s style–which although physical, is not as dangerous as a typical UFC competition.

The most interesting tidbit to come out of Extreme Rules was the fact that Cena was legitimately injured in his left arm by Lesnar. This was no accident, as it was clear that Lesnar was going after Cena’s arm using a Kimura Lock throughout the bout–and that was in addition to the elbow Cena took, which split his head open. The end of the bout certainly favored Lesnar, who walked away unscathed.

What’s in the future for Cena and Lesnar? A rematch? Or was this contest a one of a kind match? After all, rumor has it Bobby Lashley may be returning to the WWE as well. The year 2012 will be remembered as the return of the WWE Titans!

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